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How to Save Money on Airport Parking

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

You’ve planned your trip abroad and got the best deals available on flights and hotels. But one question remains – how to save money on airport parking? Though parking can be both stressful and costly to arrange, it doesn’t have to be that way! The following tips will help you save money and reduce stress so that your trip will go as smoothly as possible.



1. Book in Advance
If you book in advance you could end up paying up to 60% less than you would at the gate, even pre booking a few days before your due to travel it will end up being cheaper than paying at the gate but in theory the earlier you book, the more money you’re likely to save. You’ll also guarantee yourself a parking space, avoiding the hassle and stress of finding out at the last minute that the car park is full.

2. Use a Consolidator
Like price comparison sites, consolidators like SkyParkSecure compare the prices of various parking options, allowing you to quickly and easily find the cheapest deals. You’d otherwise have to find and compare the prices of the car parks yourself, which would be very time-consuming – and you might miss one! Using a consolidator also allows you to see how far the car parks are from the airport, and check that they meet any other needs you might have. If you’re wondering how to save money on airport parking, consolidators are your friend.

3. Check what each product offers & choose the one that suits your needs! 

Park & Ride – best for low prices
After parking your car you would be transferred to the airport in a shuttle bus. Obviously these car parks are a little further from the airport terminals but can help you to save a lot of money. Book this option if your budget is smaller and you’re looking to save a few quid.

Meet & Greet – best for convenience
With a meet and greet service you would be met at the terminal by a fully insured chauffeur from the car park who often help you unload your luggage before driving your car to the secure car park. On your return they would meet you again outside the terminal with your car ready for your trip back home. These services cost slightly more than park and ride but are an ideal for those with young families, heavy luggage, business travellers, individuals with mobility issues or those just looking to treat themselves.

Onsite – best for being closest to the airport
Onsite parking is usually run by the airport itself and can be the most expensive option. The advantage comes through the convenience of your car being close to your terminal, so book this option if you’re looking to avoid a shuttle or a long walk to the terminal.

4. Check if Extra Services Are Offered
Some bookings come with extra or add-on services, like discounts on car washing, lounges and airport hotels. If you need these services, it makes sense to take advantage of this to lower your overall costs. I mean who doesn’t want their car washing for free!

5. Try Hotel Parking Packages
Some airport hotels include parking as part of their room packages. This is ideal if you’ll be driving a long way to the airport, especially as these packages may be almost as cheap as – or even cheaper than – renting a parking space alone. Make sure you check whether transport to the airport terminal is offered and if it’s free of charge.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding a cheap parking space. Good luck!


By Niall Pailing, Digital Marketing Executive, SkyPark Secure