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More Than Just a Villa

Browse our packages below, or GET IN TOUCH and we can create a package specially for you.

Watch your dream holiday come to life with our experience enhancement packages. These services provide priceless relief and next-level luxury during your stay, allowing you to spend every moment indulging in the extraordinary holiday we have curated for you.  

These packages are just another way we go the extra mile to achieve your dream holiday or special event.


Our services are always available a la carte. However, our busy guests often opt for the flexibility, ease and upfront and inclusive pricing of our handpicked packages. Please know that these packages are by no means an end-all, be-all: like everything we offer, they can be customised to perfectly suit your needs.


The popular LOGISTICS enhancement package is designed for guests who who would rather trust their personal Passepartout team to do the work than worry about the painstaking details themselves.

Welcome baskets:  We believe every arrival should come with a warm greeting. We consider your personal taste to present you with a welcome basket containing an assortment of local produce and basic necessities.

Transfers:  You will never ve left on your own to navigate between airport or seaports. We are equipped to provide elote transportatipn such as private jets and helicopters. Our guests who arrive late at night epecially appreciate our transfers service.

Grocery shopping:  Arrive to a refrigerator and cupboards fully stocked to your personal taste, as well as a full supply of toiletries or baby essentials. This service eliminates the inconvenience and guesswork of running errands, allowing you to relax fully from the moment you step foot at your private villa.

Babysitting:  We can take the stress out of childcare and ensure your little ones enjoy your trip as much as you do by arranging for a trusted, local babysitter to care for your children.

Child-friendly amenities:  As parents, we truly understand the needs of families traveling with babies and children. All you have to do is provide us with the ages and requirements of your guests, and we will be sure to prepare your home accordingly. An enjoyable holiday for the littlest guests means an enjoyable holiday for you.

WELLNESS - Indulge, energize and reconnect with an array of health and beauty elements during your stay.


Beauty treatments in the comfort of your home

Bike rental

Personal training

Guided runs/hikes

Meditation, private yoga or Pilates sessions

Personal chef:  Eat well and healthy during your stay with us.

CULINARY - Food is a true cultural pursuit and fond memories often take place when it’s involved; at a restaurant with friends, in the kitchen family, or during a picnic by the ocean.  This enhancement package focuses on personalized culinary opportunities

Complimentary grocery shopping (cost of food not included)

Bar stocking

Wine Tasting

Cooking lessons

Personal chef:  Whether you want to try the local cuisine in the comfort of your home or you just need help in preparing tasty meals for your family and friends, we will provide you with a chef who has an in-depth knowledge of regional dishes for one meal of your choosing.  

Our chefs understand and can accommodate any food preferences and dietary requirements (allergies, gluten free, no- meat and so on) and take the hassle out of dining at home.  You select the number of meals to utilize this service; we take care of everything else.

ELITE - This is the ultimate luxurious, all-inclusive experience.  Please enquire to customize specifically for you.  Options include, but are not limited to:



All-inclusive food, with on-site chef

Private driver

Event access


Personal shopping

Corporate events, weddings, private parties


Private excursions:  Whether it's lunch on a private island or your own personal guide to a special place, let us know what you would like to do and we will organise a private itinerary for you and your guests.


Remember, we build our services around your needs. If none of the above packages are what you are looking for, please let us know how we can perfect your stay. Your dedicated team’s sole goal is to make your experience exquisite.

***Exact package inclusions are dependent on the property, season, availability and guest needs. Packages may be included in your rental fee or available to you at an additional charge. Gratuity is not included.***

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