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Meet the team

Paola Fiocchi - Founder

I founded Passepartout Homes at the beginning of 2012 to nurture a passion, or shall I say mild obsession, with interior decoration and luxury travel. I am fortunate that my job gives me access to some of the most beautiful homes around the world and connects me with inspiring and passionate home owners.

When not at my desk, you will find me planning the next family trip or plotting the re-decoration of our home.

Emma French - Writer

After my birth in Puerto Rico, I lived all over the world and I am gaining ground all the time in my quest to be the first British woman to travel to every country in the world. My three young children sometimes slow down that quest a little but they are also delightful and insightful companions on many of my adventures. My eldest daughter Estella is already following in my footsteps with some travel writing of her own. My first break in travel writing came when I was commissioned to write for the Bangladesh Travel Guide after an eventful trip to Dhaka.

I have also written a book on Shakespeare, edited a Collected Works of Oscar Wilde, and I am in the final stages of co-authoring a true crime book.

Lucy Robinson - PR

My love of travel was ingrained from an early age as my mother owned an independent travel agency. I also grew up living between the UK and the family villa in southern Spain.

With over a decade of PR experience from both agency and in-house with leading luxury travel and lifestyle brands, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Today you can regularly find me exploring the cultural and gastronomic delights of European cities and jetting off to far flung destinations in search of the Sun..

Piers Aitman - Web Design

I am a very experienced independent web designer and developer, and work with agencies, and clients big and small. I’ve had the pleasure of working for Passepartout since the beginning, and I really enjoy both the technical and creative challenges that a travel website poses. When I'm not sat behind a computer, I’m often sat behind a piano, or off rock climbing somewhere.

Travelwise, I always like exploring new places, and recent trips include Italy, Iceland and Hungary.


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