Do you want to enter the Sistine Chapel before the general public?

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Passepartout Homes are proud to announce a new partnership with Walks of Italy. 

Walks of Italy provides historical and thematic full-day and half-day walking tours of important Italian tourist destinations, specifically areas significant to Italian and Roman art history, archaeology, culture, history and antiquity.

They specialize in small group and private walking tours. You can enjoy over 70 services  in cities across Italy, from a “VIP Caesar’s Palace Tour with Colosseum and Roman Forum” to a “Private Guided tour of Pompei and Naples Archaeological Museum. From “VIP Doge’s Palace Secret Passage Tour in Venice, to a Private Tour of the Pitti Palace and Brancacci Chapel in Florence”. Who would not want to enter the Sistine Chapel before the general public!!!

Over 100 professional guides are dedicated to provide guests with a memorable and unique experience and you will be taught something you will not easily find in average tourist guides. Guides are passionate art historians, while groups never number more than 12, so you’ll get the most from your once-in-a-lifetime visit.


We all have one thing common : A love of slow, immersive travel; of exploring a city at ground level, through its museums and monuments, but also through quieter streets and local restaurants. We just love to take walks – and we love to share that with you“, says Loredana, Partner Relations Executive at Walks.

Passepartout Homes and Walks of Italy are a perfect match“, says Paola Fiocchi, Director at Passepartout Homes. “Our demanding guests are always asking for exciting and exclusive experiences. I am sure Walks of Italy will provide them with a “souvenir” to take home which cannot be purchased elsewhere“.

Passepartout Homes Guests and Club Member can now enjoy a 10% discount on any tour with Walks of Italy.

Browse Walks of Italy in search for your ideal tour. When placing your order, enter your dedicate promotion code  to benefit from an exclusive 10% off any package. The 10% discount is exclusive to Passepartout Homes guests and club members. To receive your personal promotion code, please email [email protected] 



Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande is Founder and Director at Passepartout Homes, luxury holiday homes.

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