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Villa Giardini del Principe

 The town of Trabia in Sicily is mentioned in historical documents as the birthplace of pasta. In 1154, the Arab geographer Al Idrisi, while travelling around Sicily on behalf of the Norman King Roger II of Sicily to study customs and traditions of the Sicilian population, described in the famous “Tabula Rogeriana” the existence of a town called Trabia and its local production of pasta: “To the west of Termini there is a town called Trabia (‘At Tarbiah, the square), an enchanting place to live, abounding in streams that drive numerous mills. Trabia

Renting a luxury holiday villa in a unique location for a milestone event like a wedding, reunion or anniversary celebration is a memorable way to celebrate or commemorate a special day. This is also a way to share a special place with those you love and spend quality time with them, creating lasting memories. These five luxury villas in Passepartout Home’s exclusive property portfolio located in unique locations offer an exceptional setting for your special event to remember: An oceanside villa in southwestern France Villa La Tosca  is a unique