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When children are babies and up to, let’s say, twelve years old, they will follow you everywhere. Or rather, they must follow you unless they want to stay home alone or stay with grandma (also a great option, lots of the times!). But then…then camps and school trips start (no school visits their local historic sites anymore. They all fly your kids to faraway and exotic destinations? What’s wrong with a day trip to Stonehenge?). Then friends come along and you are no longer cool. For parents with teenage kids

Easter is a very significant time for memorable festivals in Italy, not least the Scoppio del Carro, the Explosion of the Cart which takes place in Florence’s Piazza del Duomo every Easter Sunday. 150 revellers in medieval costume drag the flower-covered cart, before it is set alight and forms the centrepiece of an incredible fireworks display. April kicks off, as it does for many of us elsewhere, with April Fool’s Day, which is called Pesce D’Aprile in Italy but which involves the same blend of fun, tomfoolery and pranks that

Italy is world famous for its amazing cuisine, with numerous regions constantly vying for the title of the ‘best Italian food.’ Although it would be impossible to pick an absolute winner, Tuscany is one region that has to be in the discussion. Although there is absolutely no shortage of amazing Tuscan food options, here are just a few of the dishes we think you definitely shouldn’t miss. 1. Bistecca Alla Fiorentina Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, the world famous Florentine T-bone steak, is equally as mouthwateringly delicious as it is overwhelming to

You can’t fail to notice the scent of roses and the heart-shaped chocolate boxes and keepsakes everywhere that you go right now. The most romantic time of the year is approaching as swiftly as Cupid’s arrow strikes. It’s never easy to plan the perfect adult Valentine’s break, but lovely Apartment La Duchessa in Siena, Tuscany,  settles the debate conclusively, as it offers intimate, luxurious perfection for loving couples. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Siena needs little introduction to anyone already fortunate enough to know it is person, The apartment couldn’t

Incorporating wildlife and nature treks into luxury holidays has surged in popularity in recent years, and has also provided a welcome opportunity for many much-loved destinations to showcase their less familiar natural resources and riches. For many enthusiasts, birding is the most obvious, quick and accessible entry for deepening their acquaintance with Tuscan wildlife. Although beautiful birds can be seen all over the region, the marshlands and mountains are particularly good starting points for ornithology enthusiasts. The wetlands of Padule di Fucecchio outside Florence boast varieties including many herons and

Why settle for the beaten track when you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime on a road less travelled? This year we’re enamoured with some truly incredible up-and-coming luxury destinations that offer holidaymakers the perfect blend of creature comforts and cultural authenticity. Want to know more? Read on for a list of our favourite undiscovered destinations that are guaranteed to have you falling fast. Aegina  Named after the mother of a Grecian king, it’s no wonder that the Saronic Island of Aegina is royally magnificent. The landmass lies in

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel and experience a destination in a way which engages all your senses. Cycling is also a form of ‘slow travel’, allowing you to take in every sensory detail of your surroundings: the feeling of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of early-morning birdcalls or the tolling of a church bell.   What better destination for a cycling holiday than Italy? The beautiful landscapes of hills, vineyards and

Passepartout Homes’ property portfolio showcases a very exclusive collection of unique luxury holiday retreats located in 15 countries on four continents across the globe. What’s unique about each of our exclusive holiday villas is that every one is a home which has been lovingly built, rebuilt or renovated by its proprietors who invested their hearts and souls into creating a unique and special atmosphere for their guests. In this interview series, we meet the property owners who tell us the stories behind their exclusive holiday homes. Nestled in the rolling

The city of San Gimignano owes its fame to the beautiful towers that we can still admire today: they were erected thanks to the economic development the town had in the past, due to its strategic location along the trail followed by pilgrims on the way to Rome. Many historical documents from the 13th century reference local saffron trading in San Gimignano, thanks to its excellent quality. The product became so expensive that it was used as a real money substitute. In the Middle Ages it was one of the few

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