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Making a marriage proposal ranks right up there as one of life’s most exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences. Once you have decided to pop the question, where soon becomes a pressing query. It’s essential to make sure you’ve found the perfect place to hear that one word “yes”. As fuel for the imagination, here are five gorgeous places for lovers. Each one is more than enough to inspire anyone to get down on one knee and put a ring on it. Apartment La Duchessa, in the heart of the timeless Tuscan

You can’t fail to notice the scent of roses and the heart-shaped chocolate boxes and keepsakes everywhere that you go right now. The most romantic time of the year is approaching as swiftly as Cupid’s arrow strikes. It’s never easy to plan the perfect adult Valentine’s break, but lovely Apartment La Duchessa in Siena, Tuscany,  settles the debate conclusively, as it offers intimate, luxurious perfection for loving couples. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Siena needs little introduction to anyone already fortunate enough to know it is person, The apartment couldn’t

If you are visiting Tuscany I recommend you spend at least a day visiting the wonderful medieval city of Siena and have put together some suggestions of what you can see and do, as well as where you can stay. Your first stop really should be the heart of the city which is the Piazza del Campo where you can take in the atmosphere of Siena and the Fonta Gaia, the city’s largest fountain. Take a look at the amazing red brickwork and then take a stroll around the narrow

LA TERRA IN PIAZZA In Siena the expression “La Terra In Piazza” (literally “The Dirt is on the Square”) indicates that we are approaching the Palio, the most famous horse race in Italy. The track was already prepared several days ago and today, around noon, the horse lottery took place: each of the ten city districts attending the event received its horse and from then, the strategy plans have developed. The contrade or districts that will participate are the following: Ram, Panther, Goose, Owl, Porcupine, She-Wolf, Tower, Unicorn, Wave and

Although Spring started almost a month ago, Tuscany has enjoyed sunny beautiful weather only since a few days ago. It seems like the perfect condition to enjoy our magnificent gardens at the peak of their beauty. Tuscany boasts an extraordinary number of villas and gardens. From the 15th century on, gardens were created for palaces or more often villas without interruption. This is a region where nature merges with art, past with present. A garden calls for great care and attention, maintaining is often very expensive. Let’s try to discover the

Who needs an introduction to Tuscany! There are many reasons why you should visit the region and not just for the well-known towns of Florence, Siena or Pisa. Whether you are in search of fine art, or wish to explore the unspoilt countryside, whether you are a food and wine lover, a cyclist, a writer or musician in search of inspiration, or simply dream of laying on the sandy Mediterranean beaches, Tuscany has something for everyone. Couples in search of romance, families, group of friends, lonely travellers. Tuscany has also