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Gianna Strambi from Cooking on Holiday shared with us this mouthwatering recipe of home-made ravioli with mint pesto and almonds. Ravioli have their roots back to the Middle Ages and were originally used only as stuffing (“Gnudi”) made of beet, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and eggs (according to Artusi). Later the stuffing started to be wrapped into hand-made pasta. It appears that the name “Raviolo” is originated from “Raveggiolo”, a cow or goat cheese often used in the stuffing. Gianna’s version is the most classic one enriched however by her special mint pesto which reminds us of bright

The origins “crostini” dates back to ancient times, when the dining table was not laid with single plates, but the food was served on large trays from which everyone would take what they desired and place it directly into their mouths, or if necessary placing it on a piece of bread. This use continued until the end of the XVII century:  if you look at the paintings that represent the opulent banquets of the Renaissance, you will notice that the tables were very unrefined. The piece of bread gathered oils,