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 The town of Trabia in Sicily is mentioned in historical documents as the birthplace of pasta. In 1154, the Arab geographer Al Idrisi, while travelling around Sicily on behalf of the Norman King Roger II of Sicily to study customs and traditions of the Sicilian population, described in the famous “Tabula Rogeriana” the existence of a town called Trabia and its local production of pasta: “To the west of Termini there is a town called Trabia (‘At Tarbiah, the square), an enchanting place to live, abounding in streams that drive numerous mills. Trabia

“…Villa Giardini del Principe, an exclusive historical residence with stunning sea views and three amazing pools at just 50m from the sea. The perfect location to explore Sicily, its rich history and culture, its gastronomical delicacies, its beautiful beaches and warm welcome. As well as an idyllic setting for your special event or occasion.” – Fabio, owner of Villa Giardini del Principe   Villa Giardini del Principe is located in the northern coast of Sicily, the Arab-Norman Palermo region which has been awarded the “World Heritage Site” status by UNESCO