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Elisabetta Marchi

The city of San Gimignano owes its fame to the beautiful towers that we can still admire today: they were erected thanks to the economic development the town had in the past, due to its strategic location along the trail followed by pilgrims on the way to Rome. Many historical documents from the 13th century reference local saffron trading in San Gimignano, thanks to its excellent quality. The product became so expensive that it was used as a real money substitute. In the Middle Ages it was one of the few

LA TERRA IN PIAZZA In Siena the expression “La Terra In Piazza” (literally “The Dirt is on the Square”) indicates that we are approaching the Palio, the most famous horse race in Italy. The track was already prepared several days ago and today, around noon, the horse lottery took place: each of the ten city districts attending the event received its horse and from then, the strategy plans have developed. The contrade or districts that will participate are the following: Ram, Panther, Goose, Owl, Porcupine, She-Wolf, Tower, Unicorn, Wave and

Although Spring started almost a month ago, Tuscany has enjoyed sunny beautiful weather only since a few days ago. It seems like the perfect condition to enjoy our magnificent gardens at the peak of their beauty. Tuscany boasts an extraordinary number of villas and gardens. From the 15th century on, gardens were created for palaces or more often villas without interruption. This is a region where nature merges with art, past with present. A garden calls for great care and attention, maintaining is often very expensive. Let’s try to discover the