Press Release -Private homes, by invitation only.


Private homes, by invitation only.

London, 28th March, 2013. Passepartout Homes is a boutique property and concierge club where membership is strictly by invitation only.

Our approach is as unique and personal as our fabulous properties. Catering to the most discerning travellers, our portfolio features some of the world’s most beautiful private homes, many of which have never before been made available for rental. Service is bespoke and tailor-made to the requirements and wishes of both owners and guests.

With every potential tenant personally recommended by the owners of one of our properties, or by an existing member, our clients can rest assured that their cherished home is in safe hands every time it’s occupied.

Passepartout Homes founder Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande came up with the idea for the exclusive agency after building her own holiday home in southern Italy.

“Although it’s a much-loved destination for our family and friends, it remains empty for long stretches of the year. We approached a few holiday rental agencies but we didn’t feel at ease having a constant flow of strangers in our home,” she explains.

“Talking to other friends in a similar position, we decided the only viable option would be to create a network of trusted individuals to whom we would feel comfortable opening the doors of our private home, while covering some of the running costs of the property.”

How does it work?

Membership to Passepartout Homes is free of charge. Owners can apply online to have their property listed on the website, and a commission fee is only charged when a property is successfully booked.

Charges vary, and property owners can reduce their commission fee by recommending friends to become members.

Property owners also retain full control over their homes. There are no restrictions on rental periods or seasonal availability, and owners may approve and decline potential bookings as they wish.

Prospective guests must accompany their online application with a referral note from an existing member.

The properties

Since its launch in December 2012, has established a portfolio of more than 25 properties spanning the globe.

Among the homes available, members can choose from an array of welcoming retreats, from an ocean-view apartment in the palm-fringed Hawaiian Islands to an imposing villa near Bordeaux and a hilltop farmhouse with panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside.

Recommendations from the owners and their guests on the loveliest local shops, restaurants, beaches or best-kept secrets ensure holidaymakers get the most from their break, and can treat their accommodation as a true home from home.

Find out more

To learn more about Passepartout Homes, email Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande at [email protected], or by telephone on 07775 900619.

Visit the Passepartout Homes website on

Follow Passepartout Homes on Facebook at

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Editors’ notes

  • Passepartout Homes also provides a bespoke holiday service, to find clients the perfect property outside of our own portfolio if necessary
  • Selected Passepartout Homes properties are also available for location photoshoots, weddings and special events upon application
  • Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande is a London-based entrepreneur and mother of two young children. She is available for interview
  • Passe-partout is an archaic noun, meaning master key
  • High resolution images of Passepartout Homes properties and further details about each home are available upon request.
Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande is Founder and Director at Passepartout Homes, luxury holiday homes.

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