With the London Olympics still on the minds of many people, 2013 is a year that you may well be contemplating a trip to England, be it to see the sights of London or travelling further afield and exploring the English countryside. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be open to the public once again this summer, following some extensive remodelling.  It has just been announced that at least two concerts will be held in the Olympic Stadium from July as well as the 2013 British Athletics Grand Prix on

When Passepartout-Homes asked me to write a piece for their blog, I thought about what could be of interest to the readers and I’ve asked Passepartout Homes where the properties in the portfolio are located. Amongst all the beautiful and exotic locations, one popped up to my eye immediately, Otranto. Otranto is in Puglia (Apulia) in the southern part of Italy, right at the bottom of the heel and more importantly for me it is where my mum is from.   I know what you are going to say now,

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