Five Romantic Villas to Propose to Your Loved One

Making a marriage proposal ranks right up there as one of life’s most exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences. Once you have decided to pop the question, where soon becomes a pressing query. It’s essential to make sure you’ve found the perfect place to hear that one word “yes”. As fuel for the imagination, here are five gorgeous places for lovers. Each one is more than enough to inspire anyone to get down on one knee and put a ring on it.

Apartment La Duchessa, in the heart of the timeless Tuscan city of Siena has a regal ambience, and an idyllic setting right on Piazza Del Campo. The dramatic centrepiece of its one bedroom is an elegant queen bed surrounded by draperies, antiques and ancient paintings. It would make any proposal feel like a Botticelli painting, especially when framed by the captivating view from the palazzo over the grand piazza.

Apartment La Duchessa Siena

Apartment La Duchessa Siena

Trullo Angela, in the beautiful and highly fashionable Italian destination of Puglia, is a unique and unforgettable property. “Trullo” means a small round house with a conical roof, and the villa is composed of eleven of these pretty historic structures in an ingenious design. The fairy tale appearance of the residence is enhanced by its reflection in the shimmering, cobalt blue-tiled pool. If that isn’t beguiling enough as a spot to ask your beloved for their hand in marriage, Trullo Angela lies in the middle of a grove of about 800 trees, where olive, almond, plum and figs trees can shade an intimate moment.

Trullo Angela

Sand Dollar villa in the Turks and Caicos islands has a sublimely sensual vibe about it. Situated on the white sand Grace Bay, widely regarded as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, it is perfect for a moonlight stroll and a whispered request. The Caribbean is synonymous with romance, and Sand Dollar delivers the quintessential experience of the region, with warm sun, blue sea, privacy and a casual but ultra-luxurious vibe.

Sand Dollar

When planning their fantasy proposal many would think of a private island, and the island of their dreams must be L’isle Paradis, a haven in the magnificent Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius. The staff will easily arrange a candlelit dinner on the pristine beach, where the sound of the ocean and sea birds can form the backdrop to the engagement. L’isle Paradis offers the chance of a quirkier proposal too – maybe while dolphin watching or even scuba diving.

L’Ile Paradis

The Oval in Santorini has a fluid shaped private jacuzzi on each floor amongst its many tantalising delights. The villa’s thoughtful layout and serene feeling of seclusion is utterly perfect for couples. The breath-taking and iconic view from its balcony has to be one of the world’s most perfect backdrops for a proposal. Compelling at any time of the day or night, dusk as the stars come out over the Cyclades and the azure sea is the optimal time for a magical betrothal.

The Oval

By Phileas French, Travel Writer


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