Who needs an introduction to Tuscany!

There are many reasons why you should visit the region and not just for the well-known towns of Florence, Siena or Pisa.

Whether you are in search of fine art, or wish to explore the unspoilt countryside, whether you are a food and wine lover, a cyclist, a writer or musician in search of inspiration, or simply dream of laying on the sandy Mediterranean beaches, Tuscany has something for everyone. Couples in search of romance, families, group of friends, lonely travellers. Tuscany has also been the backdrop of many foreign weddings, in search of the perfect location on their most important day.

There is so much to do and visit in Tuscany, the difficulty is where to start.

Well, why don’t you start by choosing a place to stay? Passepartout Homes offers some breathtaking Tuscan villas. The difficulty is…which one to choose!


Located in Gaiole in Chianti. Sleeps 10. From EUR 7,500 a week.
Gaiole, voted by Forbes magazine, as the most idyllic place in Europe.


l531Farmhouse 1

Located in Murlo. Sleeps 4. From 1,250 a week.



Located in Montone. Sleeps 6. From EUR 1,650 a week.
For those who love horse riding.

Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande is Founder and Director at Passepartout Homes, luxury holiday homes.

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