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Destination: Mauritius

What makes the perfect sea front property? Direct access to a beautiful beach must surely be at the top of the list. With these nine ultra-luxe villas enjoying such a feature, there are the added benefits of a globally renowned setting, a balmy climate, and a stunning range of attractions, land and sea, right outside the door. Thailand makes the most of its gorgeous coastal scenery. Seven bedroom Villa Riva in the classic resort of Koh Samui is a palatial residence with its own Clubhouse, 12 seater cinema and infinity

There is no bigger party night than New Year’s Eve, and no better place to celebrate than a perfect private villa. Five exceptional villas worldwide have the festive edge, but are also ideally suited for any special gathering in the new year of 2016. Perhaps the most stylish and luxurious way to see in any new year is on a private tropical island, and this is precisely what L’ile Paradis in Mauritius can offer. Rising on volcanic rock from an azure lagoon, a causeway leads from the mainland to a

Mauritius may be a small island in the Indian Ocean, but it has a big heart and is a favoured holiday destination for thousands of people each year thanks to its warm climate and location in between Africa and India. It really is in the middle of nowhere, with its nearest neighbour being Madagascar some two thousand kilometres away.     It is not a place you can hop over to for the weekend from Europe as it is a good 12 hour flight from the UK, so to make