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Destination: Italy

Venice is one of those rare destinations where almost every first time visitor has strong preconceptions about how it will look and feel. Although the miraculous first glimpse of this beautiful wonder on the water matches everybody’s dream of Venice, it’s a vibrant, living city with surprises around every corner too. The first revelation is that Venice, charming though its iconic gondolas and vistas are, is not all about the water. It’s a treasure trove of historic architecture and gaudy, palatial residences and churches. The attractions of Venice guarantee steady

Passepartout Homes’ property portfolio showcases a very exclusive collection of unique luxury holiday retreats located in 15 countries on four continents across the globe. What’s unique about each of our exclusive holiday villas is that every one is a home which has been lovingly built, rebuilt or renovated by its proprietors who invested their hearts and souls into creating a unique and special atmosphere for their guests. In this interview series, we meet the property owners who tell us the stories behind their exclusive holiday homes. Nestled in the rolling

Many of our exclusive luxury properties located in 15 countries on four continents across the globe offer the perfect setting for a family holiday to remember. These child-friendly luxury holiday villas welcome children of all ages and some have even been designed with kids in mind. Need a few ideas for the next family holiday escape? Here we feature some of the exclusive Passepartout Homes holiday properties which are favourites with kids. 1. Masseria La Raganella Celeste, Carpignano Salentino, Puglia, Italy The beautiful region of Puglia, located in Italy’s deep

The origins “crostini” dates back to ancient times, when the dining table was not laid with single plates, but the food was served on large trays from which everyone would take what they desired and place it directly into their mouths, or if necessary placing it on a piece of bread. This use continued until the end of the XVII century:  if you look at the paintings that represent the opulent banquets of the Renaissance, you will notice that the tables were very unrefined. The piece of bread gathered oils,

The Salento area of Apulia can quite possible claim the best beaches in the Mediterrenean. Situated at the very end of Italy’s famous heel of the boot, Salento is only now starting to be recognized by travellers and the press as a land of treasures and natural beauty. Rich in history, art and culture, this region has much to offer: crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, coves, caves, tiny “bleached-white” villages perched on rocky cliffs, delicious food, wine and extra virgin olive oil. Not to mention its warm hospitality and best

When Passepartout-Homes asked me to write a piece for their blog, I thought about what could be of interest to the readers and I’ve asked Passepartout Homes where the properties in the portfolio are located. Amongst all the beautiful and exotic locations, one popped up to my eye immediately, Otranto. Otranto is in Puglia (Apulia) in the southern part of Italy, right at the bottom of the heel and more importantly for me it is where my mum is from.   I know what you are going to say now,

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