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Destination: Greece

A long weekend in Santorini is long enough to capture the mood, and be totally spellbound by its beauty. The island really lives up to its expectations. Voted repeatedly “best sunset destination, “best island in the world”, “best island in Europe” , “top Mediterranea holiday”, “most romantic getaway”, “most photographed places in the world”, I could instantly see why.As soon as we reached our holiday villa located on the highest point in Fira and stepped onto the terrace, our heartbeat stopped beating for a few seconds. We were unprepared for

Looking for a holiday villa in Greece for this summer? We have made a pre-selection for you! Beautiful, hand-picked luxury vacation rentals to enjoy with family members and friends. From Mykonos to Cephalonia, stunning views, dream pools and exceptional services for a relaxing time away from the crowds and to leave the pandemic behind. Villa White Light MykonosCombine the beauty of the past with the comfort of the present at Villa White Light, where modern designs rub sun-kissed shoulders with vaulted ceilings and beautiful Greek stonework. The 8-bedroom Villa stresses

A curated selection of exceptional luxury villa rentals in Europe equipped with a gym or fitness room. Because even on holidays taking care of your health and fitness has never been so important and relevant. Casa Fontegenga, Le Marche, Italy Framed by the towering Le Marche countryside, Casa Fontegenga is a tranquil enclave.This 4-bedroom villa is characterised as a sprawling double-story residence with a historic touch of rustic elegance captured in time since 1770. This home is transformed and sculptured into a serene gateway for a well-earned holiday. You will

Make your Destination Wedding the most memorable possible, by choosing a unique and luxurious private property for your special day.  Here at Passepartout Homes, we’re experts are helping you find the Best Luxury Wedding Villa. Creating a Destination Wedding is more than the joy of combining your wedding with a dream honeymoon; it’s also a special way to create a beautifully intimate day that is shared with family and close friends in spectacular surroundings. Let us take you on a pre-honeymoon trip across Europe, to inspire you with picture-perfect possibilities

Like many other Greek islands, lovely Mykonos is steeped in legend. Even its name is evocative, as it is taken from its first ruler Mykons, believed to be a direct descendant of the god Apollo. Mykonos is mentioned in Greek myth as the site of the epic battle between Zeus and the Titans, as well as the place where Hercules killed the Giants he had enticed from the protection of Mount Olympus. Today, the craggy rocks which surround Mykonos are still said to be the bodies of the giants, turned

Perhaps the greatest recent revelation of the European high end holiday rental sphere is that the best appointed villas can be year round destinations. As more and more people strive to benefit from the shoulder season, as well as inevitable travelling within peak times, it is timely to explore the theme of a villa for all seasons. Winter A ski chalet might be the obvious winter choice, but few measure up to Chalet Jejalp, about 90 minutes’ drive from Geneva Airport. There is room for up to fourteen lucky guests

Corfu’s dense pine forests, olive groves, and gleaming, pristine beauty have granted it the title of the “Emerald Island”. First popularised as a destination by the Venetians and French, it has also been beloved by the British for 200 years. Most explorers of the region will take in Corfu Town, which houses a number of important monuments to Corfu’s history, including the imposing St. Spiridon’s Church, complete with the mummified remains of its patron saint inside, the sixteenth-century fortress, and the gold quarter. With panoramic views over Corfu Town, the

Santorini is one of the most visited Greek islands, and it is especially popular with luxury travellers. But why is it such a revered destination against all other places of beauty in the world? Not convinced that this is the island for you? Then read on for our top five reasons to put Santorini on your bucket list, and you’ll be booking a flight in no time… Sunsets You may have watched the sunset over a secluded beach in Fiji, or watch the sky change colour from a mountaintop in

One of the main islands in the Cyclades, Santorini is a stylish destination and one of the most romantic places in the world. This stunning volcanic island offers picture-postcard panoramas of white-washed houses and blue-domed churches typical of the Greek islands, with the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea as a backdrop. Santorini is a must-visit destination to add to your bucket list if you haven’t been to this spectacular Greek island already. Here are 5 things to see and do while in Santorini: Laze on a black sand beach.