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Passepartout Homes in partnership with Villa Gella is pleased to offer you a four-day tour discovering Bulgaria and its marvels. The tour will begin on April 20th until May 2nd, 2016, during Orthodox Easter.   Day 1 (Friday): Arrival and introduction to the city of Sofia Arrival in Sofia. Visit to: The Boyana Church (Unesco Heritage Site) – the church, hidden among rare redwood-tree forest in a Sofia suburb, owes its worldwide popularity to its frescoes dating back to 1259. Scholars consider these frescoes to be the precursor of the European Renaissance, as

Never booked a holiday accommodation before? Rent once and I am sure you will not book a hotel vacation again.  Our Guest Cristina Abriani explained to us in a previous article why she no longer books hotels for her family vacation and opts for holiday villas.  From greater space to more privacy, from flexibility to often lower cost per head, are among the reasons why often a villa rental is a better choice. Vacation rentals also provide an opportunity to really live like a local and forge unique experiences. The internet provides us nowadays with

There is no bigger party night than New Year’s Eve, and no better place to celebrate than a perfect private villa. Five exceptional villas worldwide have the festive edge, but are also ideally suited for any special gathering in the new year of 2016. Perhaps the most stylish and luxurious way to see in any new year is on a private tropical island, and this is precisely what L’ile Paradis in Mauritius can offer. Rising on volcanic rock from an azure lagoon, a causeway leads from the mainland to a

I had the pleasure of talking to Cristina Abriani – Marshall, Owner at Chic-ca Fashion Showroom in London, representing Italian fashion labels in the UK. Cristina and her family travel frequently abroad for both pleasure and business. As a trendy couple Cristina and her husband Andrew used to stay in fashionable hotels. But with the arrival of their child, their choice shifted towards luxury holiday villas. I find out from Cristina why she stopped booking hotels for their family vacations and opted for rental accommodations. HOW OFTEN DO YOU TRAVEL

The lovely Italian region of Umbria sees several particularly engaging festivals at the beginning of autumn. Acquasparta hosts a medieval banquet annually in September, and it’s also a good time to see the Historical Games and Food Festival in Gualdo Tadino. The September Onion Festival of Cannara hosts a fantastic street market, and has become more and more innovative in the many inspiring and unexpected uses it puts the humble onion to. Whilst many of us have enjoyed dishes such as lamb and onion or roasted onions before, a crostata

The secret has been out for a while that Ibiza is far more than the world’s premier clubbing island. Discerning couples, families and larger groups now recognise it as a stunning setting for a more private, peaceful break. Even so, the idyllic North West of the island remains relatively unexplored in many parts. Despite being within an easy half hour journey from the airport, many highlights of this region operate at a surprisingly gentle pace. There are numerous beautiful beaches in this part of the island, often boasting tranquillity and

With its magnificent mountains, rolling hills and green valleys, Bulgaria is an excellent choice for a summer destination. Located in the foothills of the highest Rhodope peak is Gela, a quiet and quaint village, steeped in history and nature – and an amazing village to get away from it all. July and August are perfect for nature lovers. Wild flowers and herbs are ready for gathering, including the many mountain orchids, oregano, St John’s wort and thyme. Birders can spy rare species such as the Corncrake Crex, Lesser Krestrel Falco

No one likes a long layover after a lengthy overnight flight. That’s why many airports around the world offer the use of their lounges to certain travellers which provide a space to relax and unwind. With many luxury and exclusive amenities on offer which include a lot more than just showers, day beds and restaurants, many of these luxury lounges are an experience and destination in themselves. The next time you’re facing a long stopover, take advantage of everything these exclusive airport lounges have to offer and you’ll be wishing

Why settle for the beaten track when you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime on a road less travelled? This year we’re enamoured with some truly incredible up-and-coming luxury destinations that offer holidaymakers the perfect blend of creature comforts and cultural authenticity. Want to know more? Read on for a list of our favourite undiscovered destinations that are guaranteed to have you falling fast. Aegina  Named after the mother of a Grecian king, it’s no wonder that the Saronic Island of Aegina is royally magnificent. The landmass lies in

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