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At a time when almost everyone is in the festive spirit, some places stand out as the very best places to raise a glass or two, whether for their beautiful setting, superb drinks list, or simply the warm welcome that they provide. For drinking in a winter wonderland, Meribel is a wonderful resort to start. The Den Bar has a sleek modern interior that is nevertheless inviting and convivial. The wine list was compiled by Tim Johnston, whose track record includes the celebrated Parisian wine bar Juveniles. Helpfully for those

Well, the countdown to Christmas 2016 has begun, -21 days! Among all the pre-Christmas traditions, the one of displaying an Advent Calendar on December the 1st, is probably among the most common ones and the one least related to a strict religious custom, hence more broadly adopted. The word Advent derives from the Latin “adventus” or “arrival’ and non-christians have adopted the calendar as simply a fun countdown to winter celebrations. Through the years it has developed from a simple traditional calendar with 24 or 25 openable windows and a liturgical image behind

Christmas, it is clear to see, has captured and dominated the global festive imagination. However, few, if any, places on earth can offer a more idealised traditional Christmas than Switzerland. Sleigh bells ringing, hot chocolate and mulled wine, twinkling lights and a beautiful landscape carpeted in snow offer the best possible place to celebrate. St Moritz has been the go-to destination for winter tourism for over 150 years. One of its Christmas highlights is the Olympia bobsleigh run, an exhilarating and magical experience, and there is every other possible permutation

The Caribbean is revered as a Christmas destination, but what is perhaps less well-known is the great variety of different Christmas celebrations and traditions that different Caribbean islands display. Any December or January style magazine reveals that countless celebrities choose St Barths as their special Christmas destination, and it is a particularly magical time of year on the highly exclusive French Caribbean island. Villa Milou is set within the exceptional Pointe Milou neighbourhood, with a terrace that offers the perfect setting for alfresco, convivial dining. The infinity pool and well-equipped