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Few seasoned luxury travellers would dispute that a villa in a stunning part of Southern Europe is the ideal setting for the perfect holiday. However, there are certain properties which also provide an innovative and inspiring environment for a business retreat. A private space which sponsors clarity of thought, corporate bonding, and the opportunity to get the best out of colleagues in a relaxed yet productive setting. Villa La Tosca in the lovely French settlement of Lanton, Aquitaine is a landmark and historic beach front property which offers every conceivable

There are a growing number of wine connoisseurs who wish to combine a bucolic holiday setting with a high quality wine tasting experience, as well as an education in new or unusual vintages in the site that is producing them. Italy has some of the most alluring villas for wine lovers in Europe. Villa Altaserra Wine Resort in Tuscany is one of the most exceptional. A five bedroom, centuries old stone Tuscan farmhouse estate once owned by the Medici family, it has 22 hectares of vineyards producing two very different

Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains have justifiably found their place on the global ski map in recent years, thanks to an unusual and appealing combination of reliably fantastic winter conditions, great value and compelling folk history and cuisine. Though there are a rising number of charming accommodation options, very few are as sumptuous or on such a scale as the landmark Villa Gella. Sleeping up to 15 guests across six bedrooms, the dimensions of the property across four floors allow for a wide range of potential uses. Ideal for a larger family

Our properties all over the world offer a myriad of inspiring ideas for corporate events. It’s not surprising that an ever-increasing number of global organisations are turning to luxury private accommodation for board meetings and executive team-building sessions. As well as being a truly memorable incentive and reward for star performers, it offers an innovative route into a greater sense of cohesion around the board table and a positive, collegiate spirit. When considering the attractions of a luxury villa for a board meeting or business retreat, space and seclusion are