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It is increasingly important for global travellers to combine luxury relaxation with immersion in cultural locales and places of outstanding natural beauty. It is exactly these special places which are recognised by UNESCO on its list of heritage sites, and Spain is particularly rich in assets close to exceptional villas, both on the mainland and across its islands. The unique combination of biodiversity and culture to be discovered in many Spanish islands was a major factor in securing UNESCO world heritage status for some of Spain’s most aspirational holiday home

Despite being very much part of Italy, Sardinia is also an island with a remarkably distinctive identity and a whole range of its own traditions and dialects. Though the export industry is growing, Sardinian culture is one in which lovely things are made to be enjoyed in the place and environment where they were created, making it one of the very few places left in Europe where its most prized native delicacies and crafts will be new discoveries for most. There is, of course, the famously ritzy (and pricey) Costa

No matter how many historic buildings and monuments it may have, no city is stuck in the past. Contemporary urban architecture, innovative experiments in sustainable living, the rejuvenation of derelict neighbourhoods, and a vibrant cultural landscape are examples of how a city lives and breathes in the here and now and looks towards the future. We have selected a few of Europe’s most vibrant design cities known for their contemporary architecture, thriving design industry, and notable galleries of modern art and design. Each of these cities has been designated by

Europe is a paradise for art lovers, with almost each city offering stunning examples of architecture spanning several historic periods and many world class museums and galleries showcasing art treasures from around the world. Here are a few cities where art is a major attraction and a travel itinerary of several days can easily be built around art-related sites. Paris With over 250 museums and art galleries, Paris may be the art capital of Europe. This is also home to one of the world’s best-known museums, which houses what is