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The prestigious Villa La Tosca in Lanton, Aquitaine, France is still available the whole week of New Year’s and we are pleased to offer you a one-time 30% off the regular price! Exclusive to Passepartout Homes! Villa La Tosca, lovely, warm, and sheltered from the elements, is the perfect venue for families to have a memorable Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations. The villa will be decorated tastefully with festive decorations, including a beautiful Christmas tree – you only need to arrive! Villa La Tosca is a prestigious beach-front luxury accommodation

“…Villa Giardini del Principe, an exclusive historical residence with stunning sea views and three amazing pools at just 50m from the sea. The perfect location to explore Sicily, its rich history and culture, its gastronomical delicacies, its beautiful beaches and warm welcome. As well as an idyllic setting for your special event or occasion.” – Fabio, owner of Villa Giardini del Principe   Villa Giardini del Principe is located in the northern coast of Sicily, the Arab-Norman Palermo region which has been awarded the “World Heritage Site” status by UNESCO

With its magnificent mountains, rolling hills and green valleys, Bulgaria is an excellent choice for a summer destination. Located in the foothills of the highest Rhodope peak is Gela, a quiet and quaint village, steeped in history and nature – and an amazing village to get away from it all. July and August are perfect for nature lovers. Wild flowers and herbs are ready for gathering, including the many mountain orchids, oregano, St John’s wort and thyme. Birders can spy rare species such as the Corncrake Crex, Lesser Krestrel Falco

We are delighted to offer Passepartout Homes guests a special offer from the exquisite Villa La Tosca, Aquitaine, France. Villa La Tosca is a 5-star luxury beach front property made from love by Marc Castagnet and Karin Broeksmit, and is considered to be one of the best examples of Arcachon architecture with an Italian influence. It is a prestigious luxury accommodation with exemplary service immersed in the pine forests of Aquitaine. It is guaranteed to bring a feeling of well-being and a holiday full of memorable moments. Our special spring offer:

Choosing your honeymoon destination is an important decision – you’ll hopefully only ever have one honeymoon! Many couples are now using this opportunity to fulfil dreams by visiting places they have always longed to, or head on an incredible adventure together before settling down to married life. Whether you’re looking for an adventure-moon, a mini-moon or downright traditional romance, we have plenty of luxury destination ideas right here for you. Italy Highly regarded as one of the most – no, THE most – romantic country in the world, Italy is

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel and experience a destination in a way which engages all your senses. Cycling is also a form of ‘slow travel’, allowing you to take in every sensory detail of your surroundings: the feeling of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of early-morning birdcalls or the tolling of a church bell.   What better destination for a cycling holiday than Italy? The beautiful landscapes of hills, vineyards and

With a rich historical background and well-preserved iconic architectures turned into luxurious establishments, London has become a haven for high-end travelers who want to experience all the finest things during their vacation. It has also become one of the chosen destination of art lovers who want to visit Europe, as the city boasts of more than 240 museums and art galleries, including the highly visited British Museum. In this post, we’ll provide three of the best leisure activities you may want to try when you visit Big Ben’s city in style.

We are delighted to share an exclusive, Passepartout Homes-only special from Villa La Tosca. This prestigious luxury villa is considered to be one of the best examples of Arcachon Architecture, with an Italian influence and is the perfect hideaway for guests seeking time with family and friends, physical and mental wellness, those in need of a change of in order to recharge, or even artists and musicians longing for the perfect location from which to compose their next masterpiece.   Included in the offer: Welcome champagne & wines with some

Passepartout Homes’ property portfolio showcases a very exclusive collection of unique luxury holiday retreats located in 18 countries on four continents across the globe. What’s unique about each of our exclusive holiday villas is that every one is a home which has been lovingly built, rebuilt or renovated by its proprietors who invested their hearts and souls into creating a unique and special atmosphere for their guests. In this interview series, we meet the property owners who tell us the stories behind their exclusive holiday homes. The Thai island of

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